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2021 Super Bowl Boxes - A Great Success!

What a surprise to me when last year we had 1 Board with $10 boxes filled and we ended up with 7 BOARDS of $20 Boxes!!!  Really Great Job for our Warrior Family.  That means that on these 7 Boards - Warrior families raised $7000 toward their fees while we will pay out the other $7000.  Board #2 (not shown here) and Board #7 were sold out by individual Families both raising $1000 toward their fees!!

A picture of Boards #1, #3, #4, #5, #6 & #7 are shown below.  Each Board had different numbers drawn.  If you are not sure which Board you are on please contact me BEFORE Super Bowl Sunday!

Good Luck to Everyone....All who participated are WINNERS!

Super Bowl Board #1

Super Bowl Board #3

Super Bowl Board #4

Super Bowl Board #5

Super Bowl Board #6

Super Bowl Board #7

50/50 Raffle

The Warriors hold numerous Fundraising Opportunities for our families to help with the cost of Travel Baseball.   All Fundraisers are optional except this one.

Each Family sells at least $100 worth of Raffle Tix and $65 goes to pay toward their Uniform and Registration Fees.  The remaining $35 goes toward the prizes.  The 2020 Raffle over $8000 was raised for Warrior Families and around $4000 was given out in Prizes.

Please, if you know a Warrior player, help their family by purchasing Raffle Tickets

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Coming Soon!  

We will be selling a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts for $10 (they sell for $12.49 & $14.99 at the Manhattan Locations)

MMMMMMMMM...... Are you Hungry yet?

The Cage Travel Baseball Program

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