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COVID-19 At-Home Resources

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We have created this page to serve our Warriors families and provide them with ways to stay engaged and keep active during this down time. If you have any suggestions towards anything we could add, please share.

Here you will find virtual calendar of events with at-home, live workouts with our coaches, pdf download and instructions towards proper use of your J-Bands that we'd like you to continue to use individually and videos that we encourage you to enter the classroom and watch on your own. We will continue to post more updates and resources here, so bookmark the page and check back often.

In addition to this resource page, continue to check out homepage and social pages for timely updates.

Show us how you are staying baseball ready and post pics and videos to our Cage and Warriors social pages.

Getting closer, our Warriors teams are ready to start their seasons! We also look forward to opening The Cage soon...

Dry Swing Virtual Clinic - Sun, 5/10, 1P

We ran a dry swing clinic with 10U last week and went very well, was good workout too! We will open this up to the full program on Sun, 5/10, 1P. Private Zoom link has been posted to individual team pages for access.

Players will require open space in their homes where they can swing the bat freely and not break anything or risk hitting anyone (pets included!). If you have access to outdoors, head outside by all means, but this is appropriate for indoors as long as you have the space. Players should have their bats and wear batting gloves; no baseballs or other kinds of balls will be used.

J Band Virtual Classes - 2nd Program Announcement

Our first J Band virtual sessions that we ran for two weeks went great. Now that you have the core exercises down, we are introducing round 2 with more advanced routine to also incorporate. Classes will begin Monday, May 4 and run through May 15 (weekdays only) at 5P: 

  • 5/4, 5/5, 5/6, 6/7, 5/8, 5/11, 5/12, 5/13. 5/14, 5/15

While we hope with the warmer weather upon us you can begin to find outdoor space to begin to rebuild your arm strength, incorporating the J Band work will get you back to where we all want to be that much quicker and also help reduce risk of injury.

As we have been doing, the private access link has been shared individually with team pages.

Announcing Cage Warriors MLB Show 20 Custom League

Excited to announce for our players a Custom Cage Warriors MLB Show 20 League:

  • This is for PS4 players only.
  • Open to all ages.
  • For existing Cage Warriors players only.
  • First 30 players from the program that want in will be able to join; no more spots after this.
  • Deadline to join is this Friday, 5/1. League will start on Sat, 5/2.

Entry fee is $20 per player. The total amount raised will go towards two program initiatives:

  1. Half proceeds will go towards supplies needed for Juniper Fields which will be needed for quick action when we are cleared to play.
  2. The other half will go towards a deposit at Carmine’s pizzeria, towards future team pizza / celebrations. We wish Coach Carmine much luck in his restaurant re-opening today, 4/28.

For existing Warriors players only, if you want to play/join, send text with your name and PS4 username to 718-877-5090. You will then be sent an invite to join the “Cage Warriors” custom league.

Again, this is limited to first 30 players only.

We wanted to offer something to the kids of leisure for them to continue to bond while we wait to see one another at our Cage facility and ball fields. We thought this welcomes a nice break from the virtual workouts and clinic sessions.

Outdoor Tee Work - Saturdays @ 3:30

For those with access to safe outdoor area, Coach Jesse will be providing virtual hitting instruction over the next few weeks on Saturdays at 3:30p: 4/25, 5/2, 5/9.

For those who are indoors, you are still encouraged to join, take free swings if you have the room in your homes and follow along.

Private Zoom link has been shared on individual team GC pages.

All the virtual sessions have been terrific, and we are very pleased with how well the program is getting along remotely. Much of the credit goes towards your continued participation, so thanks to the players and families for keeping connected with your Warriors teams, maintaining baseball as a priority, staying in shape and as ready as we can until we can all see one another at The Cage or at the fields.

J Band Virtual Classes - Instruction & Workout

From our first J Band tutorial session, we are launching daily weekday classes through 4/30 at 5p. We want to ensure the workouts are done properly, as they serve to great benefit when done the right way and go a long way towards maintaining healthy and live arms. Class schedule (private access link sent individually to teams via GameChanger): 5P start - 4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29, 4/30.

Warriors Clinics - Two (2) At-Home Lessons this Thursday, 4/16

(1) J-Band Tutorial - 5-5:30p

(2) Apartment Hitting & Defense - 6-6:30p 

Zoom link sent via Warriors GameChanger team feeds for both sessions.

Virtual Backyard Hitting Clinic this Friday, 4/17

Instruction for those with access to outdoor space. Zoom private link sent via Warriors GameChanger team feeds.

Warriors Virtual Workouts

Warriors Virtual Workouts - ages 11-14

J Band Exercise Chart - Instructions & Download

Keeping your arms in shape is always important, but never more than now. 

Because many of you are unable to get outside and throw a baseball it's essential to have J Bands and follow the exercises on this chart a few times a week.

J Bands will be a mandatory piece of equipment for ALL Warrior players from here on out.  J Bands are available on Amazon.  Many of our players are using the Bucwild Resistance Bands $25.95, please make sure you order the appropriate age model

The workout tutorial chart is shown below, as well as a downloadable document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Coach Jesse -

Enter the Film Room

Curated videos below, selected by our Warriors coaching staff that offer instruction, drills and tips by current and former MLB players and coaches:


These videos showcase hitting and base running tips. Watch them and replay them while you practice your stance, load and swing in front of a mirror, or have a family member or friend film you and watch them side-by-side for instant feedback.

Batting Approach

Tee Work

Bunting Instruction


Hand-Eye Coordination Drills



Select videos with instruction by individual fielding position & also run you through baseball defensive situations, all by current and former MLB players & coaches. Here you'll find that success is all hidden in the hard work and details.

Wall Drills

Infield Instruction

Catching Instruction

1st Base / Force Outs Instruction

Tag Outs Instruction

Pickle (Rundowns) Instruction


Learn from these videos that help prepare your mental approach, demonstrate pick-offs & proper mechanics. You're never too old to learn... Sandy Koufax didn't dominate until even he learned a late tip from a fellow teammate & pitcher.

Pitching Mechanics






Thank you for visiting the Warriors at-home resource page.

Before you leave, be sure to encourage your teammates and post your activity to our Cage and Warriors social pages. 

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